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TEŽAK 'LEB / HEAVY BREAD     (2012 - 2014)



Heavy Bread is a standalone object, separated out of the Hunger installation which deals with the physical presentation of fiction created by individual needs and preferences.This concrete block hides a cemmented loaf of bread.



one loaf of Sava bread: 35 x 16 x 9.5 cm; 500g

ferroconcrete: 64 x 29 x 15 ≈ 14kg

a red satin pillow: 68 x 68 cm


Date and place of the act of concreting: 12 June 2012, Fejős Klára dormitory, Novi Sad

Current Location of the work:


The concrete block is on the terrace of the Youth tribunes gallery, Cultural center of Novi Sad



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